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Discover Golf of Morbihan

The Gulf of Morbihan opens to the Bay of Quiberon. The ocean penetrating deeply in the midst of the land given by the tidal effect, limits uncertain, or grass and Goemon come join. Along the shores of the Gulf one can see the contrast in the West Geological composed of small rocks and cliffs, west coast of the Isle aux Moines, Berder, Larmor Baden, and those of the East coasts are low, extended mudflats paradise for birds, St. Armel sector, passage way, Tascon island, and peak Bernon Ruault, etang du Duer  and the island of Arz.

The Gulf of Morbihan offers a multitude of walk through the 190km coastal road from Port Navalo Locmariaquer, including the Gulf Islands accessible by boat. You can explore on foot or by bike. You can reach these islands by Conleau (Vannes south) and Port Blanc (near Arradon) with the ferry boats of the Gulf that make frequent trips.

The Gulf is very rich naturally and culturally, you can discover Neolithic sites (dolmens and cairn) from several thousand years and Locmariaquer Gavrinis Lannic and Er-face Larmor Baden (in the center of the Gulf).

The peninsula of Rhuys that "closes" the Gulf to the east and south to Port Navalo offers access road at the exit of the Gulf (pass off-1km) driven by tidal currents. The country of Rhuys, "breathes" the atmosphere between the Gulf and the ocean deserves meticulous discovery of its ports, trails, salt marshes, mudflats and the abbey of St. Gildas including Castle Suscinio thirteenth century beautifully restored.

Cities and ports of the Middle Ages: Auray, Vannes and St Goustan with its mediaval walls you will discover the wealth that the Gulf has brought all its maritime access. Establishing an important trade for the Vénetes.

The western part of the Gulf
on south of Auray "closes" the Gulf by a small peninsula at the end of which is Locmariaquer (opposite Port Navalo) famous megalithic site Locmariaquer has kept its character because of  its marine and oyster .

The Gulf and its very indent region between land and sea, will reward you with its lights and colors that you can soak in respecting its fragile balance. We can give you some tips to complete your discoveries in the Gulf of Morbihan.